Hamilton Architects Showcase a Flagship Sports Stadium and Unique Apartments in a Historic Convent during Open House Festival

Hamilton Architects were delighted to take part in this year's Open House Belfast by showcasing two very different projects to the public.

Sussex Place Apartments, the former St Malachy’s Convent of Mercy in Belfast’s Linen Quarter, was completed in 1880, but in recent times fell into a poor state of repair.

After being used as a school and a Presbytery for St Malachy’s, it was completely abandoned in the 1980s and has survived the loss of many historical internal features.

Architect Tara McCloskey told guests that the aim of the development, which is nearly complete, was to restore the building to its rightful state and convert it into 12 apartments for private rental.

This will ensure the long term survival of the fabric of the building as well as contribute to the economy and vibrancy of the local community.

A behind-the-scenes tour of the National Football Stadium at Windsor Park offered visitors a chance to hear directly from Belfast-based engineers, Arup, and Hamilton Partner Mark Haslett.

Unveiled last year, this major redevelopment involved the creation of three new stands as well as refurbishment of the North stand to create a state-of-the-art, FIFA-compliant venue.

Mark revealed that the design team focused on creating a larger, unified stadium offering more seating - including disabled seating - while simultaneously introducing contemporary corporate hospitality, improved broadcast facilities, new offices, an IFA museum, shops and spectator catering.

The Open House concept was developed in London in 1992 by Open Cities, and has since spread to over 37 cities throughout the world. where the weekend events now happen annually.

The festival has the simple but powerful concept of opening up the best of a city’s buildings and infrastructure for all to experience, free of charge, so they can explore and understand the value of a well-designed built environment.
windsor park grand stand
national football stadium windsor park at night